I have a passion for helping people go from a place of misery and illness to happiness and healthy and today I’d like to help you! Please use the form below to contact me now or feel free to call me at 239-223-4107 or email me at successbyhealth.rebeccachick@gmail.com.

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About me:

I have been a dietitian, a nurse, and now a home based business owner/entrepreneur and I absolutely love it. I have the natural gift of loving on people. Acknowledging people, being curious, finding their passions and helping guide them to a life of empowerment. I just love people. I mean hey… I get paid to make friends… whats better then that. I absolutely love it.

Rebecca Chick RN RD
Health & Wellness Expert
Nurse – Dietitian – Wellness Consultant
Rebecca Chick Wellness
Empowering Your Wellness Journey

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