About Rebecca Chick

Rebecca became interested in health and nutrition in her high school years as an athlete. During her first semester in college she had a dynamic instructor that really inspired her journey into health and wellness. She because a dietician in 2000 from Penn State University and worked for 7 years in the nutrition realm. She first worked in a hospital setting and then with gastric bypass patients through nutritional education and planning.

As she was approaching her 30’s she decided to take her education to the next level and went back to school for her nursing degree. Becca became a registered nurse in Pennsylvania in 2007 and joined a critical care unit at St. Mary Medical Center.  She really wanted to challenge herself and help others at the same time. In 2013 she decided to leave the cold weather behind and ventured into the beautiful sunshine state of Florida where she started working at Health Park Hospital in their critical care unit.

After five years of working in the hospital scene dealing with the stress of the high paced work environment and long hours Becca felt she needed a change. The strenuous work began to take its toll on both her body and her mind as she realized she was becoming depressed and really needed more interaction with people in a social and happy setting.  Within this same time person she realized that 80% of the cause of disease around her unit was preventable. She was hit with the realization that she could make a much greater impact helping people prevent their illness rather than patching up their disease with heavy medications and solutions that almost always led to even more illness. It was right around this time that she came to the conclusion that traditional medicine is somewhat of a broken system as most medications can be ineffective and even downright deadly.

Having a nutrition background before becoming a nurse gave her a different perspective and this led her down a path to researching more in depth the topic of healthy living. She learned that today’s food has been stripped of its nutritional value and most multi-vitamins are pretty much ineffective in increasing the body’s intake of nutrition. This opened her eyes to what she had been personally witnessing daily in her work – the ravenous damage that is manifested in disease and illness in her patients.  

In her search to fulfill her passion of helping others on their personal journey towards healthy Rebecca founded RebeccaChick.com. She began a personal search to find just the right products and nutritional supplements to help her improve her own health and release the years of stress from her body. She also wanted the opportunity to use her social skills and her knack for connecting with people to not only help improve their health but also empower them financially.

Today she offers healthy solutions that are both easy to follow and affordable in taking that next step into changing your life. Rebecca loves meeting new people and connecting with them to listen to their story and help find a solution that works best for them.

The system is broken but there is a better way. You can meet her in the ICU or meet her before, it’s up to you!

Rebecca Chick RN RD
Health & Wellness Expert
Nurse – Dietitian – Wellness Consultant
Rebecca Chick Wellness
Empowering Your Wellness Journey

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