Are you ready to take your Wellness Journey to the next level?

Hi, my name is Rebecca Chick and I’d like to Thank YOU for joining me here today. I am a Registered Dietitian turned Registered Nurse turned Entrepreneur. I have a passion for helping people go from a place of misery and illness to happiness and healthy! 

After years working in the traditional medical system as a dietitian turned nurse and seeing traditional medicine become ineffective and downright deadly, I’ve found a new found passion in helping people stay healthy using non-traditional food supplements to treat illness that come from the ground. Imagine that. Our current food system is being stripped from good nutrients and traditional medicine is going deadly.

I have found a non-traditional way of thinking, I’ve found a passion for leadership and a passion for empowerment. I have the heart for plant based nutrition and discussing it with the masses. I would love to sit down with you and discuss your current life situation and lifestyle and see how I can help you get healthier, happier and feeling more empowered. 

I offer health and wellness coaching, products and the opportunity for freedom and success through a wellness business.  

Taking charge of our life is never an easy things to do. It took me a while to decide to take that first step into a healthier lifestyle and the freedom to get out of the working for a paycheck mode and living my passion. Today I’d like to offer you some healthy solutions that are both easy to follow and affordable in taking that next step into changing your life. I love meeting new people and connecting with them to listen to their story and help them find a solution that works best for them. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you as well. – Rebecca Chick

A great cup of coffee enjoyed with a friend is always a good thing.  SBH Gourmet Coffee… the healthier coffee.  SBH Gourmet Latte – Success By Health’s Gourmet Latte takes the joy of a cup of coffee to a place of ultimate fine taste. SBH MycoCafe Chai Tea – Delicious, smooth and creamy. Great for the whole family. Success By Health’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa is a rich deep blend of the finest Central American Cocoa, fine cream and natural sugar, perfect for relaxing or giving yourself a treat. 

We have a variety of fabulously delicious and healthy products that I would love to share with you. Please let me know if you would like more information or a FREE sample! 


In a world full of fad diets and trendy workouts, it is hard to know the best course of action when taking control of your health and wellness. Success By Health brings you back to the basics. We believe that when cared for correctly, the human body can live to 120 years of age. We have created the most powerful nutritional products, and the most up to date, customizable, fitness and nutrition plans. We will be a guide and a resource to you the entire way, as we understand that in order to live in true health and complete wellness, we must address it from all aspects of life.

One of our key nutritional components, is maximizing the full potential of the “Myco World” (medicinal mushrooms). Ganoderma (Reishi Mushroom) is known as the “King of Herbs” and has over 3 million pages of third party documentation. There are also other powerful mushrooms that we cultivate that can combine to provide your body with the most potent nutritional properties available in the world.

About me:

I have been a dietitian, a nurse, and now a home based business owner/entrepreneur and I absolutely love it. I have the natural gift of loving on people. Acknowledging people, being curious, finding their passions and helping guide them to a life of empowerment. I just love people. I mean hey… I get paid to make friends… whats better then that. I absolutely love it.

Rebecca Chick RN RD
Health & Wellness Expert
Nurse – Dietitian – Wellness Consultant
Rebecca Chick Wellness
Empowering Your Wellness Journey

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